“I don’t believe half the things I say

I chose this to be the tagline of my new blog… maybe because it’s true, but mainly for the content I have in mind for this blog…

It won’t be long till all of my readers will understand what I mean.. I intend to criticize… yes.. criticize everything that I don’t like..

Whether in war, in love, in politics, in science, in sports or even in my personal life.. 🙂   ( & that includes You.. yes, you know yourself )

I will be posting here occasionally, which means whenever i feel like doing it… so keep coming back

Also, really… the people, events or organizations i will be referring to in my posts are purely from the figment of my imagination, or not…

it will be up to you to decide and for me to care less…

Finally, I would like to thank no one for the creation of this Blog, since really it was just my idea 🙂


About janbein

Gamer research Biologist who loves art, space and sports.

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