Smile Please

We smiled when we were Kids…

To be beautiful when you grow up…

And even when the beauty faded, Still they looked so happy…

I once read a book explaining “the Secret” for joy, success and well being… Do I believe it was overrated? Strongly! but one expression remains stuck in my mind – since 6 years now – the book tells us that we control the things that happen to us… strange, nevertheless i have learned it is so true… while you might spend a lifetime thinking that outside events control and decide your present and your future, you might have a say in it…

The book asks us to surround ourselves with “positive energy” and positive outcomes shall head our way… You see unlike electric charges that attract opposite sign charges… Think optimistic and you shall get optimistic, think good and you shall get good, think beautiful and you shall get beautiful, think happy and you shall get happy…

There’s nothing good or beneficial about feeling down, i have tried it… I convinced myself that only good things shall happen to me, did the negative events stop occuring in my life? of course not… but at least i learned to deal better with them because of my think optimistic attitude… And maybe, just maybe, that’s the real “secret“.

لا تكرهوا شيئا لعله خيرا لكم

No matter what bad things happened to you, keep a smile on your face… Because you look beautiful when you smile and you just never know who might fall for it…

So finally the question remains…



About janbein

Gamer research Biologist who loves art, space and sports.

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