Why did the Arab people revolt?

Why did the Arab people revolt?

The easiest question… right?

wait a second… right? I mean… Anyone could easily answer that..

(ظلم  قهر  استبداد  فقر غلاء  الخ الخ الخ )

I’d like any person who reads my post here to take the time and answer this question with one or two reasons…

I don’t need an explanation… it might be just one word  (such as poverty)

Why I’m doing this? that I will answer in a future post…

Meanwhile, please.. write down your opinions and share with others to come and have their say.


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Gamer research Biologist who loves art, space and sports.

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  1. As a Yemeni I can say that what happened in Egypt inspired us..it started with Tawakol Karman the woman who was leading the protests then the number keeps growing..and people started to feel that they really need change…

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