Shortly after Iftar… with my family and an unwanted guest.. My friend and I made a few phone calls and decided to go play DotA in Beirut.

Yes I, (we) still play video games and there is nothing better than a DotA game after a long tiring day…

So where else is a better place for DotA than Hamra, the city with the best DotA teams and players in Lebanon. We went there, it has been a while since I’ve been there, i can’t say that i was amazed, but the numbers, the traffic, the people, everything… Beautiful.

We meet up with another friend and go to face a team in an Epic 85 minutes game… At one point, the game was ours and i took the liberty to spam “gg” “gg” “gg” “gg” (good game) on the game chat to piss off the other team, we had destroyed a big part of their base and it was only a matter of time till we win the game. However lol perfectly played ganking allowed them to kill all of our team’s heroes, giving them 60+ seconds to roam the map freely, more than enough time to destroy our base and take the upper hand which they kept all game long and eventually won it.

A good game lol… I could hear them coming down the steps laughing, asking about the guy who played “crystal Maiden” or in other words, about the guy who was saying gg gg gg gg lol (me) –> total humiliation.

We leave, my friend and I and come to my place, its 3am but the guys call us, let’s go eat 3end barbar in Hamra lol so here we are again in hamra… 4.10 am we had the last bit of food, drank some water and returned home… the rest of the guys went back to ghazieh (south) we promised we’d follow them the next day.

it’s Saturday, we wake up at 2pm, sit and watch tv for a while and at ~5pm we head south to ghazieh (to my friends place) we have iftar, We go sit with our friends in a small grove owned by one of them, it’s a place where we gather to sit and talk and laugh lol…

it’s almost 00:00am now, we go to downtown Saida, and guess what? yes… to play DotA! Some of saida’s best players were there, my friend and joined with 3 other guys we’ve just met and again, had a epic game that could have went both ways… Our hero picks were weak, we didn’t have a late gamer, meaning the more the game lasted the more their chance of winning was bigger… which unfortunately is was happened, althought with a final score of 61 kills to 55… they won by completly destroying our base… but it was good game. (yes better than the one in Hamra)

Again we’re on the road, we go to meet up with the rest of the guys on the ghazieh beach… It’s a beautiful place.. the sound of the sea waves crashing against the shore rocks reminded me of one of her posts.. lol yes… reminded me of Her actually… not that i needed anything to remind me of her… I hadn’t spoken to her all day.. In cyprus she was, and I could fantasize about a wave bringing her to me… lol Then i took a photo of the place… had s7our… was almost 5am by then so we returned to my friend’s place to sleep… although i ended up staying awake till 8am lol

The next day, it is 1pm I take the bus to beirut, where family is waiting so we all go to Jbeil for iftar, my mother is from Jbeil, we rarely do go there, but this is because most of her family live in the states, except one of her relatives invited us to iftar there… Our way there was terrible, the roads condition is awful… I wonder how people in this area can stand it… but yeah 2 hours later we are there, Ain el ghwaybe… a 700 people small village with just about what you need to stay alive…

The scenery however was exceptional, and no.. you can’t help but take pictures although what you see would always remain stuck in your mind forever… Yes, forever… So anyway, dinner time.. we eat and then we sit with everyone with the argile, coffee, fruits and the ramadan sweets.

But really, what i wrote before is not what i wanted to talk about…. while sitting with everyone, we couldn’t help but notice the changing weather, suddenly it got more cloudy… windy and Cold! lol that is awesome… In beirut it’s so Hot! Then my mother makes this comment that amazed me..

“No! ma bokra 3id l saydeh” she said… I was like what? then everyone agreed.. lol am i missing something here? what does that has to do with the weather…  So i ask mom who explains that “it always rains on 3id l saydeh” suddenly this returns me and refreshes some of the info i had acquired in school… I have heard this before.. yeah, the (i am not sure whether it is or not) myth of the rain on 3id l saydeh is something i already knew… but I really liked the faith of my non-christian family in this… To be honest it made me smile…

A bit later, we hear church bells and fireworks… the festivities had begun in the village church.. First in line is MOM!! yes.. “let’s go” she tells me… i was like go where??! “to church!” huh! (me) a woman who is wearing hijab wants me to go with her to church.. I hesitate.. she’s like “come on! it’s been 30 years since i went there.. i miss everything” so not that i didnt want to go… but i had to go… beautiful was the ambiance, the people, the smiles, the decoration, but more beautiful was knowing that almost half of the participants were muslims… I… I despised myself… I was the only sectarian individual in that church i am sure… of all people! me?! ugh… to be honest that gave me hope… i was happy inside out.. maybe because of the smile that gorgeous girl gave me… but no lol… mostly because of the people, how they love each others and participate and pray together and live together… I wish i could find another word than BEAUTIFUL…

Soon enough though, as soon as I got in the car and turned on the radio, all of this went away… lol I wonder how these people feel when they hear all this bullshit about politics in our country… Over here, i was sure they lived in a different country.. or do they? after all, the media famous “LASSA” is just adjacent “to Ain el Ghwaybe”

hehe yes…

Then i woke up from my dream (as they say in movies):P and came back to Beirut to continue my life normally… lol

May God help protect our stupid country… guide its people and give it peace and prosperity.


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Gamer research Biologist who loves art, space and sports.

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