Happy Independence Day

Today is the 22nd of November 2011, 68 years ago the Lebanese took their independence, yes, it was not given to them, they earned and took it.

On November 8, 1943, and after electing president Bechara El Khoury and appointing prime Minister Riad al-Solh, the Chamber of Deputies amended the Lebanese Constitution, which abolished the articles referring to the Mandate and modified the specified powers of the high commissioner, thus unilaterally ending the Mandate. The French responded by arresting the president, the prime minister, and other cabinet members, and exiling them to an old citadel located in Rashaya. This incident, which unified the Christian and Muslim opinion towards the mandate, led to an international pressure demanding the Lebanese leaders’ release and massive street protests. Finally, France yielded to the augmenting demand of numerous countries and released the prisoners from Rashaya on November 22, 1943; since then, this day has been celebrated as the Lebanese Independence Day.

I am really proud when I read our country’s fighting and brave history… In fact, I am honored that I was born a Lebanese and I find it my duty to help maintain our independence in any way possible.

Some of the pessimists reading this will probably laugh, or comment about how our independence is fake and how most Lebanese follow and listen to foreign countries and superpowers, but I think all of you are just idiots.

Give me one single country who’s decisions are not made in accordance with other countries, starting with the Arab world and not ending with superpowers like Russia, China or the USA. There isn’t such a thing as “making our own decisions” Hitler once tried it, and we all know what happened to him.

My point is, not only you are not allowed to under estimate our independence but I will allow myself to claim that it’s one of the purest and most real in the region and worldwide.

Our brave army is one of the most courageous, it might not be well equipped, it might not be equipped at all… But even with that it has never backed down when it comes to defending this dear country and has proven heroism in many occasions through out its history. God bless our soldiers and protect our army’s leaders.

Lebanon, in its 10452 km2 is one of the most unique countries in the world, whether for the diversity of its people or for that of its nature and climate. Please everyone, have faith in our country and always believe in it and stay here and help it advance and escape its crisis and disasters.

Thank you, and Happy independence DAY!!


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