The shadow of her smile


The shadow of her smile, as beautiful as it may be,

 Is dwarfed by the beauty of the girl that means so much to me.

 The shadow of her smile, I cannot dream of it being gone,

 Because the colour of all my dreams will follow, as will the light of dawn.

 She looked into my eyes to see,

 How much she really means to me.

 She has filled my hearts’ massive abyss

 My thoughts, went something, a little like this;

 She may not even know it yet,

 But I have only one regret,

 The thought of her not by my side,

 My life, I wish her to abide,

 My dreams of the future without her there

 Sends me into complete despair.

 My love for her, there’s no compare

 A gap in my heart, only she can repair.

 I want her there, to be holding my hand,

 Through any adversity we should withstand

 I only need the shadow of her smile,

 To want her there, walking down the aisle,

 With me as the lucky man watch her walk in white,

 Travelling that short distance without a fright

 Knowing I would never let her down

 Would never ever make her frown,

 But this is all a dream to me,

 The future has not yet come to be

 But I prefer my version of events

 For then we can tell our descent,

 The love that has no earthy bound

 Started with two of us, sitting on the ground.

 Its shared between the two of us,

 Without the need, to adjust,

 And it all began, in that short while,

 As I stared, at the shadow of her smile.


About janbein

Gamer research Biologist who loves art, space and sports.

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