How to use Whatsapp on PC ~UPDATED with NEW METHOD~

Hello Everyone,

Yes, Whatsapp on PC you read correctly…

So as you all might know and of course when slowly Whatsapp took over the text messaging throne in Lebanon and worldwide, for its simplicity and its capability to connect different handsets types for FREE. Other messaging apps got stupid… For example BBM for Blackberry..

I mean ok, I have a Blackberry but my friend has Iphone, umm No problem! let’s Whatsapp!

Another big advantage of course being its availability on WiFi… Whenever you are home or in a place with a WiFi connection, voila! you are back online for FREE 😀

But to some people.. (like me) That.. wasn’t enough.. hehe

I kept looking for a way all over the internet in order for me to use whatsapp over on my laptop and yes I finally found a way, and guess what? Very few know of it.

So here is a step by step tutorial on how to install and use whatsapp on your laptop/pc

  1. Go to
  2. download the software, It’s an Android emulator. (It comes with a 2.3 version of android.)  it’s a 14 days trial version
  3. Yes, I know >100Mb with Ontornet but it’s worth it. (Use Download Accelerator to resume your interrupted downloads)
  4. Once the DL is finished, install it on your laptop and run it.
  5. as you can see you have  a 14 days trial version.  (don’t worry we will get to that later)*
  6. Now you have the program opened, click on the browser icon to open the browser.
  7. go to
  8. Once loaded click on ‘download now’
  9. wait for the next page to lead and click again on ‘download now’
  10. Once the download is finished click on it and click ‘Install’
  11. When installation completes click on ‘Open’ then ‘Agree and continue’
  13. choose your country and insert a phone number (NOT YOURS)
  14. i repeat not yours but you need a valid phone number so you can use landline.
  15. click OK the system will launch an sms verification process which we want to fail. (which is why we chose a landline)
  16. wait for the 5 minutes to end, you will get an alternative choice ‘CALL me’
  17. Click on ‘call me’
  18. whatsapp WILL CALL YOU and you will be provided with a 3 digit verification number. (on the same landline you used first )
  19. Btw, a machine will call you so don’t feel awkward 😛 lol
  20. now insert the code you were given and You are in (even no need to click anything)
  21. now put a name and follow the rest as it is self explanatory.
  22. To add contacts you will have to do it manually obviously as if you were using a phone.
  23. once you add a contact, you go to whatsapp and you can initiate a conversation.

I hope this was helpful and informative to all of you people out there.

If you face any difficulties, feel free to email me or comment right here with your questions and I will be more than happy to answer them.

N.B: I don’t have a landline. Right, there is a way to overcome this, leave your email and I will send you the corresponding steps to follow.

N.B’: back to step number 5, the android emulator is only free for  14 days, which makes using whatsapp on your laptop only available for that period of time. WELL.. umm No! of course no lol…. You just have to buy it… And it’s relatively cheap for around 15$ naah hehe 😛 again am kidding, well the thing to do is to go online on google and look for a ‘patch’  😉 and thus…  ~!~ Unlimited use ~!~


~!~ UPDATED section ~!~


WhatsApp for PC using BlueStacks App Player

You must also know this guide or the above one is not authorized by WhatsApp inc this means whatsapp Windows PC platform is not supported. We are simply giving you a “working”  method of WhatsApp using BlueStack’s App Player.

What will you need to use WhatsApp on your PC?

Step 1: Download and Install BlueStakcs App Player.

BlueStacks Download for WhatsApp

Warning: You can’t run WhatsApp on your PC and on your phone with the same phone number. WhatsApp checks to see what version you have lately installed and cancels the other install. You will be installing WhatsApp for Android basically.
  • Download BlueStacks and Install it on your PC.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions.

Downloading BlueStacks for WhatsApp for PC

  • Now go ahead and launch the app. When the installation is complete you will have something looking like the Android Market Place.
  • BlueStack is not an Android simulator like YouWave it is just a program that will run android apps on your PC. So don’t expect a fancy screen.
  • When you launch blue stacks for the first time it will do more downloads – it doesn’t take verry long.

Installing BloueStacks

  • Then the actual install will happen
  • Save the file where you can get to it.

Step 2: Installing and Configuring WhatsApp for PC

  • When Bluestacs is installed you can download whatsapp from the app market.
  • See the WhatsApp icon.
    WhatsApp installed on PC using BlueStacks

 Step 3:  Verify WhatsApp for PC

  • Now if you have installed WhatsApp previously you will know the installation instructions that follow. If not it is simple enough. Agree to the Ts & Cs.
    Installing WhatsApp on PC using  BlueStacks Screenshot
  • Enter your country code and then your mobile number. if it asks you for a phone verification or a text message, select “TEXT MESSAGE”. with your code.
  • P.S: You can use a landline but then you’ll have to wait for the call verification. (For more Info check YOUWAVE method above.)
    Enter Your Number and country code
  •  This text message had your verification or activation code in it. WhatsApp will ask you for this code. Enter it to activate WhatsApp on your PC.

Verify WhatsApp Pin Number That was sent 

  • WhatsApp is now Installed on your PC.
    Finally WhatsApp PC Installed

If you had WhatsApp on your mobile phone it will no longer work, it will give you a verification error. Should you click on verify again, then your installation of WhatsApp on your PC won’t work.

You will need to add contacts manually and remember to add them in international format. You can if you want activate and deactivate from your phone to PC and vice versa, but don’t complain if it stops working. Not that I think it should.


Hope this helped, for any questions don’t hesitate to email me or type in your questions in the comments box.




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  1. i have the cure for that 😉

  2. my whatsapp will not send the message

  3. My whatsapp willnot send the message,its says error when i try connect with wifi

    • whatsapp on pc or on mobile phone?

      if on phone, it’s because you have used the same number as your mobile phone.
      This method is strictly for land lines or for mobile phones with no whatsapp application installed on.

      to solve this, delete whatsapp from ur mobile and reinstall.

  4. the whatsapp is on my laptop

  5. Thanks alot for the help,it works like a boom,cheers

  6. I dont have a landline what do I use to install it it on my laptop

  7. what do i enter to find a patch ,and hpw would i know its a patch for youwave

  8. call me option is not working! M using land line number!
    keeps telling me you recently connected!

    • When it says that… wait 5 minutes and retry
      if it still doesnt work, please take a screenshot and post it here

      • same problem here, i’ve waited 5 mins, i’ve waited 30 mins, but everytime i try the call me option, i get the same message” You recently connected. Please wait XX minutes before trying again.” The XX is anything from 1 to 30 mins and totally random

      • reinstall youwave… if problems continues.. wait for the minutes to end or try another number

  9. Hi there. . . . do i use my own cell number if i don’t have a landline cause i don’t have whatsapp on that number??

  10. Hi there it seems like i have a problem the andriod is saying on whatsapp and the browser
    The application WhatsApp(process
    com.whatsapp) has stopped
    unexpectedly. Please try again
    force close

    how do i fix this problem

  11. clicked on the first download after entering second page says i do not have [termination.

  12. sorry permition

  13. how do i download patch??

  14. Thanks for they guide, i found one not using youwave as youwave costs money. thy also talk about adding contact within the adndrois emulator the site is if you are interested.

    • Yeah well the post on my blog dates before new year..
      The website you linked is relatively new (May 2012)
      Both methods are working and it’s up to the user to decide which to use

  15. hey can you elaborate a little more upon the unlimited use part. i am relatively new to this part of stuff 😛

    • With the current version, it’s currently unavailable but soon I suppose a patch will be up, keep searching google 😉

      • hey i did find a file and the patch! but i do not know how to apply it! is there some software required to run it? when i open the patch file it shows that .it cant find the pattern .try next one!

      • never mind.. its done 🙂

  16. can i use pics off my pc to use on whatsapp?

  17. Hye its working fine.. thanks.
    But only 4 days remaining to Expire.. Do Something Bro..!

  18. I don’t have a landline, man: .
    Thanks in advance!!

  19. Wat bout the trial thing. wat should we do wen 14 days are over

  20. mayur nanotkar

    when i tried to download whatsaap 4m d website it says “you do not hav permission to open this page”

  21. it say….you dont have permission to open this
    what should i do????

  22. what happens if we use our own mobile phone number?

    • If you use your own phone number you will not be able to continue using whatsapp on it.
      (this is a good idea if you dont have whatsapp installed on your phone)

      • If i used my phone number on youwave, will i not be able to use my own no for whapsapp on my phone permanently?

      • each number can be used in one place..
        or on phone or on pc
        if u activate it on pc it wont work on phone
        if u activate it on phone it wont work on pc

      • As u said youwave is just a 14days trial app. Will i be able to use my no on my phone after that?

      • yes… once troal is over.. reinstall whatsapp on ur cellphone and itll work again..

        p.s: u can do this anytime (even before the 14 days end)

  23. hi
    if i download whatsapp on my pc is there any way by which i can use the same account as for my phone and get the same message on both pc and phone.

    • Hello there,
      No, I’m afraid you can only use the same phone number in one place, either on your cell or on your computer which is why i recommend that you use another phone number for the pc account (land line preferably) cause land lines dont have whatsapp

  24. thanks for your excellent jog.Can you tell me if I can do verificartion by giving them any mobile number not a landline and to get an sms verification code to use on pc? and will my friends will see the new number or what?

  25. I entered everythin as u said n even gt my verification code, after entering dat i got dis pop-up sayin “The application Whatsapp(processcom.whatsapp) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” after tryin again & again it shows d same thing, wat shud i do..?????

  26. hey i want to know how we can use youwave for whatsapp when we have a internet connection which needs a proxy address

  27. 22 G message send hi nahi ho rha kya karu ?????
    plz help

  28. hey there,
    i just came thru this page , and i didnt knew about not using the same number .. now whatsapp says i can no longer use this service .. what to do now bro .. my phone was dead thats why i was using whatsapp over youwave … please gimme a solution ..

  29. but i can still use it on pc ith some other number na ?

  30. cant do SMS verification, what should i do…can you help me…my number 6285228522448

  31. i dnt have land line

  32. Keval B.Goradia

    I tried the first method and entered the landline no. but i never received the call on landline from whatsapp stating the verification code,what should i do now?
    please help

  33. Bluestack needs window XP service pack 3…. I dont have that os…..

  34. I successfully installed the youWave but when I’m trying to connect to the internet using it. It can’t go through to the whatsapp site. what must I do ?

  35. when in the browser i enter
    it says you dont have the permission to open this page

  36. pls i once used my number to install the application on my laptop but i have run a new operating system….. will it work when i use the same number again?

  37. i use bluestacks whatsapp on pc..and cant get the sms verification code (sms verification code failed) ,n if i press (call) it says ..(you have contacted too many times)…please help

  38. Abraham Thompson

    yeah am facing the same problem here…i also dnt get the sms verification code…please HELP

  39. does YouWave cause viruses?

  40. i clicked the call button but it says (you have contacted too many times . please contact )

  41. if i also click call me it says (you have contacted too many have 2minutes to try again or something…

  42. Hi there my cellphone doesn’t take whatsapp will i be able to use it on bluestacks?

  43. i dont have landline. my email id is pls help me

  44. You have any idea how to see iPhones whatsapp messages through laptop using an iphone application and iPhones ip adress ……coz I have heard about it , infact a few saw the messages while the phone was in different country .thanx

    • I have no knowledge of this I am sorry.

    • If your mobile device is using WiFi network and if your PC is connected to the same wireless network + your PC’s NIC card supports promiscuous mode network capture, then you should be able to capture the trace and by filtering thru mobile device’s IP or MAC address you may be able to see the conversation. AFAIK before 2.8 version, whatsapp conversations used to be plaintext.

  45. when i click on download now (whatsapp) it shows you do not have permission to open this what can i do ???? plz reply

  46. Hi there, how can you add a contact manually

  47. on the page for download whatsapp it says im not allowed to view

  48. the Bluestack doesn’t work if u r connected to the net via a proxy server . any other option ??

  49. Bluestacks doesn’t recognise my graphics card with the newest drivers from intel. Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family

  50. I don’t have a landline, but the email link you provided to on this site doesnt work. Do you have an email I can email you?

  51. hello..i dont have a can i proceed? i wanted to email you, but apparently, i failed to find your email address..huhu

  52. landline method is not working!

  53. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but
    I find this matter to be really something that I think I would never understand.
    It seems too complicated and very broad for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

  54. Hello. I am Experiencing A Problem. I am entering My Lebanese (+961) Landline and when I press “OK” a message pops up and says “This Is Not A Valid Mobile Number For The Following Country: Lebanon” Please Help!

  55. Excellent way of telling, and nice article to obtain facts regarding my presentation focus,
    which i am going to deliver in university.

  56. Hi there, after reading this amazing post i am also happy
    to share my knowledge here with colleagues.

  57. Appreciating the time and effort you put into your website and
    detailed information you present. It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the
    same out of date rehashed information. Wonderful read! I’ve saved your site and I’m including your RSS
    feeds to my Google account.

  58. Thanks , I’ve just been searching for info about this
    subject ffor a while and yours is the gresatest I’ve found out till now.
    However, what about the bottom line? Are you positive
    concerning the source?

  59. I downloaded whatsapp successfully on my ipad but when i put my landline number it says it is not valid for the country Lebanon (i am from Lebanon) although i inserted the correct code number +961

    • Can you tell me exactly what number did you put? (u can change it just tell me the form)
      for example if your landline is 05 or 01
      it needs to be +9615xxxxxx amd +9611xxxxxx respectively.
      hope this helps

  60. I really like reading a post that will make men and women think.
    Also, many thanks for allowing for me to comment!

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