Leaf Cut Art

by Lorenzo Durán


About janbein

Gamer research Biologist who loves art, space and sports.

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  1. Utterly amazing!

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    This is so cool! I came across this and thought I would share with you guys 🙂

  3. wow is all i can say….so cool!

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    so cool had to reblog!!

  5. These are magical, they take you into a minature world. Sue

  6. thanks for sharing, this is beautiful….I shall reblog if you don’t mind

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    another amazing discovery, this time leaf art by lorenzo duran….. se more of his work at


  8. this kind of art is difficult enough when done in paper. But to do it in super delicate leaves…wow!

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    These are amazing pieces of art!

  10. Time___Tim∆٩

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    awesome art!

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    This is great to see

  12. You just blew my mind.

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