The Uncovered Artistry Project: An Art Show to End Abuse

A collaboration between student artists and survivors of domestic abuse. Through the power of art, we can break the cycle of abuse.

Two years ago, a proposal to fund a nonprofit that used the power of art and entrepreneurship to break the cycle of domestic abuse was awarded the Projects for Peace grant. And the Uncovered Artistry Project, a nonprofit online boutique that sells the artisan work of domestic and sexual abuse survivors, was born.

To celebrate its two year anniversary and the twelve artisans who have joined it along the way, an art show is to be hosted. The show will display artwork by domestic and sexual abuse survivors as well as local students.

A sum of $2,000 needs to be raised in order to make this event a reality. Visit the Kickstarter (and consider pledging!) here:

Products include artisan work and simple jewelry  made by domestic and sexual abuse survivors.

About the Founders
We are sisters and business partners. Women’s issues, particularly the issue of domestic and sexual abuse, are of extreme importance to us. We strongly believe that business can be used to cure social ills. When we started a small jewelry shop on, we experienced firsthand the empowerment that comes along with owning a business. As creative people (Sarah is a fine artist specializing in mixed media, Angie is a creative writer), we know how art can be healing. We founded the Uncovered Artistry Project as sophomores at Lake Forest College when we were awarded the Projects for Peace grant. We’ve not looked back since.
Links included in the above text are:
The Uncovered Artistry Project ( and our online boutique (

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