liu bolin: lost in art at eli klein gallery

‘hiding in the city no. 99 – panda’ (2011) by liu bolin
46 1/2 x 59 inches (118 x 150 cm)
all images courtesy eli klein fine art / liu bolin

new photographs and one of the artist’s debut sculptural works comprise the ‘lost in art’ solo show by chinese portrait artist liu bolin
at new york’s eli klein fine art gallery. the exhibition features new pieces from the artist’s ‘hiding in the city’ and ‘hiding in new york’ series,
with an increased focus on culturally and historically significant locations such as the site of the world trade center, or an information kiosk
in china where hundreds of youth have placed posters seeking employment. together with ‘peony’, bolin’s first sculptural work, the pieces
interrogate commodity culture and the changes that come with time.

about ‘panda’, pictured above, the gallery curators reflect: ‘the work confronts the viewer with a palpable materialism, whereby the viewer
can sense an infatuation with commodity that has recently supplanted many elements of traditional chinese culture. through the numerous
identical stuffed pandas, liu bolin forces us to acknowledge the pull of material objects and the power that they wield in contemporary china.

liu bolin, ‘hiding in new york no. 5 – tiles for america’ (2011)

liu bolin, ‘hiding in new york no. 4 – ground zero’ (2011)

liu bolin, ‘hiding in the city no. 98 – info port’ (2011)

liu bolin, ‘jean paul gaultier’ (2011)


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