Step inside the imaginative mind of photographer and storyteller Ryan Schude. Each of the images in his collection creatively tells a story which takes you into an ominously surreal reality – or just a state of confusion. He takes any average situation in life, then begins twisting it, creating havoc by throwing in random props, situating models in unique poses, and using elaborate sets with tailored lighting. It carries an awkward humor that intrigues you and demands a close look… if only to try and understand what is really going on. The closer you examine his shots, the more you see the amount of thought and imagination that went into each photo-shoot.

Ryan Schude seems to be an interesting character himself. He grew up in Chicago and now resides in LA where he keeps coming up with as many outlandish ideas as he can conjure up. He also works with a large amount of businesses creating unique, iconic advertisements. Check out his website, where you can find a few short films with the same erie aesthetic as his photographs, view his own personal pictures on instagramand connect with him on twitter.



About janbein

Gamer research Biologist who loves art, space and sports.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, these are amazing!

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