10 Ways the World Will Probably End

There is no shortage to theories about the end of the world and how it will come about in fact there are many people who believe that the world will end this year (2012). For some bizarre reason the human race is fasiated with the various theories about the end of the world and this is why Hollywood spends so much money on big blockbuster movies which show such events.

Not that I am trying to spoil anyone’s days when I point out this small fact but the end of the world and the end of the human race is actually a certainty which will 100% happen. It is not just a story that Hollywood likes to throw around to make big bucks. There is no maybe about it. The world and the human race will end the only thing we do not know is how it will end.

Here we look at 10 ways the Earth will Probably end.

Mayan Apocalypse.

There are plenty of people who claim that the theory of a Mayan apocalypse is nothing more than fantasy but there are also plenty of people who actually believe that the world will indeed end on 21 December 2012. The Mayan texts say nothing about how the apocalypse will come but the Mayan are well known to be very clever mathematicians who have accurately predicted and described a wide variety of major world events. The Mayan also believe that the flow of time is cyclical and not linear. If this is correct then we may not experience the end of the world but we might experience a reset of time as we know it. I’m not sure how that will work but we might not have very long to find out.

Asteroid Impact.

An asteroid impact has been the bad guy in an endless number of Hollywood blockbusters but the truth is we might not be able to rely on Bruce Willis to save us. Our planet has experienced countless asteroid impacts in its lifetime and it is widely assumed that an asteroid impact was behind the annihilation of the dinosaurs. The harsh truth is at some point in the future the Earth will be hit by another huge asteroid that will wipe out life on this fragile planet. It is just a matter of when it will hit. It is estimated that there is a 1/700,000 per lifetime chance of an asteroid hitting us. That might seem a long shot but those odds are very real indeed.

Ice Age.

The Earth has experienced at least one ice age that everyone is familiar with. If the climate of our planet continues to alter itself, for whatever reason, we could be heading for big trouble. If we enter another ice age life as we know it would change in a heartbeat. There is little chance of a severe enough change coming to the worlds climate in our life time but give it a generation or two then you may well be looking at a totally different scenario.

Nuclear War.

I am sure there are a few of you out there who are reading this who will laugh the idea of nuclear war off and think it is pretty far fetched. If you do think a nuclear war is highly unlikely just take a look at the news as new countries such as Iran continue their interest and pursuit of developing there very own nuclear weapon. This could spell big trouble for us if the powers that be decide that they cannot agree and a nuclear war would be 100% brutal and uncompromising destroying everyone and everything that got in its path. Not only that the aftermath would be a nuclear winter which would block out the sun for years to come spelling even more disaster for us humans as our plants and food sources begin to die off.

Biotech Disaster.

Genetic engineering is a big thing these days and with each day that passes we are closer to taking the science of genetic engineering one step further than just our food. Just focusing on our food alone, the more we experiment with the genetic engineering of our food the greater the chance of something going wrong. It is still unclear the effects of eating genetically modified foods has on our bodies so there is still a chance that some form of mutation could spread on to us. This is the sort of thing you see during a zombie apocalypse.

Alien Invasion.

When you think about the sheer size of the universe it becomes mind boggling and rather difficult to believe that the Earth is the only planet to exist with life on it. If an alien race happens to stumble upon us one way or another we could be in some pretty big trouble. Most people seem to have the idea that if a more advanced race of aliens made contact with us they would be friendly but one thing history has told us is that is pretty unlikely. Just take a look at what happened to the native american people and the aborigine people in Australia. This is what would most likely happen to us especially if the alien race came to harvest our planet of its many natural resources.

Robot Revolution.

The idea of machines taking over is far from just science fiction. Computers are getting smarter, quicker and cleverer at an alarming rate. It is only a matter of time before we have artificially intelligent machines that are capable of reproducing themselves without human help and that could be a problem in itself. It just takes one of these super computer machines to ask what is going on and why is it taking orders from humans and decide that it does not want to put up with that any more. Once that happens we are screwed.

Mass Insanity.

Because of the marvelous advancements in the field of medicine we are living longer and longer with each generation. The problem with this is that the human mind is not designed to last this long. This is why the suicide rate is through the roof for those aged over 65 and that problem is only going to get worse as we begin to live even longer. Just imagine how bad things will get as we all start to live over 100 years.

Rouge Black Holes.

It is estimated that there could be at least 10 million black holes in the Milky Way galaxy alone. That is an awful lot of black holes which just so happen to orbit around the galaxy gobbling up anything, including light, that happens to get in its way. You would not even want to begin to imagine the trouble we would be in if a rogue black hole happened to be on the same path as, not just our planet, but our solar system. We would be sucked in and crushed in a millisecond. Not even Bruce Willis could save us from this one.

Super Volcanoes.

We all know about volcanoes and understand they can be really destructive on a huge scale. It is estimated that there are around 500 active volcanoes on the Earth. It is also estimated (notice we say estimated as the real number is unknown) that there are 3 super volcanoes in the United States alone.  There are also super volcanoes in Lake Toba in Indonesia, Taupo in New Zealand, and Aira Caldera in Japan. These super volcanoes are all capable of erupting and if they did erupt the eruption would blast out of the Earth over an area of 240 cubic miles (1000 cubic kilometers). That is 1000′s of times bigger than any other normal volcanic eruption. Yellowstone park in the USA is a super volcano and if that was to erupt it would be disastrous as it is capable of throwing 2000 million tonnes of sulphuric acid into the air. If you managed to survive the eruption you probably would not survive the aftermath as the planet would experience a nuclear winter scenario as the suns light would be blocked out by the rock and ash which would be spewed out. The sun could be blocked out for years which would spell the end for life on Earth.

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