How to Speed up Your Internet Connection

The internet is one of the greatest technological inventions of the computer age. It provides us with unimaginable amounts of data and information on every subject that exists not to mention the endless hours of entertainment and ability to communicate with others all around the world. The internet is a truly remarkable creation that we would struggle to live without now that we have sampled life with it.

Of course, like most good things in life, the internet is not without its problems and one of those problems that plague many people is the speed of the internet and the slow internet connections. A slow internet connection means that you are sat frustrated in front of your computer screen as you wait for webpages to load. While this may only be a couple of seconds it can seem like a lifetime and seriously lower your internet user experience. If you happen to be trying to stream a movie or involved in online gaming a slow internet connection can be disastrous.

Thankfully a slow internet connection does not have to be the end of the world and there are a few simple things that you can try to speed up your internet connection. This article will share a few of those tricks with you in the hope that it will help you troubleshoot a slow internet connection.

Get in Touch With You Internet Provider.

If you are suffering from a slow internet connection it may be worth your while to get in touch with your internet service provider. There may be a problem with the line that they can fix and it is always worth checking to make sure they are providing the service that you are paying for. They also might be able to offer you a faster internet connection for only a slight increase in your payments.

Use the Best Web Browser for Your Needs.

When it comes to browsing the internet you are not limited to having to use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. There are several web browsers that are available to you and each of them will enhance your internet experience in a different way. Most people swear by the Google Chrome web browser so it is well worth giving it a try especially if the specification of your computer’s hardware is limited. The Google Chrome web browser is less RAM hungry as web browsers such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Check Your Router.

You are probably not aware but, just like your computer; your internet router can crash or freeze. If you notice that your internet connection is running really slow or even failing to load certain pages turn your internet router off for a few minutes then turn it back on to see if this helps speed up your internet connection.

Use a Wired Connection.

While a wireless internet connection is convenient and means that you can move around with ease using the internet anywhere in range of your router it is not without problems. The wireless signal from your internet router can often suffer from interference which will slow it down. Wireless internet is always slower than a wired connection.

Try using a wired Ethernet connection to use the internet and you will most definitely notice an increase in the speed of your internet connection especially if you are a heavy internet user who enjoys downloading large files and streaming various media over the internet.

Upgrade Your Router.

Like everything else in life relating to technology routers are no different. If you bought your internet router a number of years ago it might well be time to invest in a new one. Internet routers don’t need replacing as often as other computer related hardware but as the speed of the internet increases you may find that your router is unable to deal with increasing connection speeds.

Check Your Internet Security.

If you are using a wireless internet router then make sure you have security measures in place to avoid unauthorised access. It is not uncommon to find that someone, even a neighbour, is piggybacking off your internet connection. If someone is using your internet connection without your knowledge then it will slow the connection down. Make sure that you use an encrypted connection and change the network key on a regular basis. Ideally you should use WPA encryption methods and at the very least use WEP encryption. Be advised that WEP encryption can easily be hacked by anyone with only a little computer knowledge using freely available tools from the internet.

Limit The Number of Computers Using Your Connection.

Nowadays it is increasingly common for there to be more than one computer in the household. In fact it is not uncommon for a household to contain a computer for each person living there so if you happen to be a family of four then you are looking at four computers all which could be trying to access the internet at the same time. When you have several computers using one internet connection things can get a little congested and inevitably your connection speed will slow down. If you notice the speed of your internet connection slow down to unbearable levels then try to limit the number of people in your household using the internet at any one time.


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