I love not Lebanese activists

Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced. – James Baldwin

Hello everybody, I actually forgot how to start these things, it’s been a really long time since I last wrote about something and while it was mainly because university and work, I had also decided to stay away from “trouble” lol.

Today, I write to pick up where I left last time, yes today I write also about activism. Lebanese activism to be precise *insert evil laugh*.

Of course since my decision of staying out of trouble was taken for me and not really mine, I will restrain from naming some individuals but instead use fake aliases just to be able to advance my opinions.


Lebanese activists… *sigh*

To me, this is the most ridiculous thing to say… ever. You cannot, just simply can NOT and under no circumstances describe a word by its antagonist, impossible…

You are either a Lebanese or an activist, it is the nature of our country, don’t get me wrong you could be playing the activist role perfectly, thus abiding by the IAE (international activist etiquette) but being Lebanese is enough to tag you depending on your religion and sect.

That said and since of course I wasn’t the 1st person to obtain these observations, in the following, I list you the top requirements in order to become an activist in Lebanon.


1-      You must cuss at everyone and everything, even if 2 things are opposites, fuck both because you’re cool.

2-      You must be an atheist, because “nya2… betssaleh la Allah? Ha-ha haram chou raj3e”

3-      Offensive language and offensive language everywhere and every time you are making a statement because it shows you have balls and that you don’t care.

4-      Everybody else is inferior, you are enlightened, you are the chosen one and you can see many things that others fail to see.

5-      “خالف تعرف” when everyone else seem to agree on something, be the one to refuse and oppose! Not because of reason but because again “خالف تعرف”

6-      You have to own a “مدونة” and btw a “مدونة” is not a blog, it’s only something for Lebanese activists to brag about especially if it’s shitty.

So yes mainly, if you meet the above requirements, you sir are eligible to become a Lebanese activist, Mabrouk 3Lek ^^


Moving on, in this next part I will describe some fictional Lebanese activists who are mainly the fruit of my imagination… not

A-     Camion_gr *

The biggest (literally) most self-centric egoist son of a bitch you’ll ever meet. No one knows what he does for a living other than running his mouth and spreading his bullshit all over social media. A proud activist, racist and sectarian, Hariri’s bitch  anti 8th of March. Calls everybody else but himself sectarian especially when his arguments are as bad as his double standards and his attention seeking whorism.

* 1 gr = 0.00220462262 lb

B-      Green_safety

Egoist idiot with no principles also brags about his atheism and how he’s no follower of any Lebanese party despite the fact that the stupidest of us can tell he supports the 8th of March. Seemingly, nobody knows what he wants or how he wants it, him and camion_gr are best friends, they share more than disrespect for others and zero logic, they pretend to know it all, always…

So as you can see ladies and gentlemen, this personality disorder in not only common among Lebanese activists but inflicts those top rated stars activists of our dear country.


Why? Why am I writing this… reaching this point of reading, you must have asked yourself this question…

Because sadly… many of the young Lebanese are getting dragged towards similar behaviors… towards this sickness, whether intentionally or unintentionally in an attempt to imitate these fake lifeless individuals for the underserved fame they obtained, instead of actually and truly acting up, interfering and doing something for and in the coummunity.

To conclude, a good active activist is not judged by likes on his FB status neither by number of followers on his twitter, the real activists are benevolent, anonymous, they work day and night in the shadows helping and aiding requesting nothing in return but the thrill of knowing they’re making the world a better place.




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