“Macro photography. A journey into amazement”

Sandra McCabe‘s Micro photography a journey between abstractionfine art andnature photography.
I mentioned in last post about the abstract effect of natural forms in emotional side of human brain….
here is a great example of micro photography that is associated with nature photography but can be categorized as emotional fine art
Every little thing has it’s own beauty or strangeness and this is what draws me to macro. Nearly all my photos are taken using hand held. A tripod annoys me no end sometimes I use basic editing, such a contrast or a bit of cropping. If I change the image too much, then it is not my photo. I’m still learning and that upward curve is steep but such enjoyment, awe and fun comes from that learning. (Sandra McCabe)


About janbein

Gamer research Biologist who loves art, space and sports.

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  1. Great collection of photo’s. I enjoyed watching it. Will reblog this post and put it on facebook so most of my friends will see it.

  2. Reblogged this on Space from Debby & Beefy and commented:
    Micro photo’s I enjoyed watchin them

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