This is not a Personal diary neither a private journal…

This is me saving my memories so I can enjoy them later. The Happy but also the Sad ones…

In this series,  I will share stories from both the near and distant past…

I don’t really have a reason, maybe because I’ve never thought I’d share such details one day…

But still, to me at least, mistakes are lessons of wisdom; it’s true the past cannot be changed but the future is yet in our hands…

People mentioned in my stories are real… Most of them will easily recognize themselves but the names and perhaps some of the details I will mention as I go along will be made up, or at least that’s what I would like you to think…

Any comment on any of my posts will be welcomed and approved as long as it doesn’t expose identities of those the post decided to keep secret…

Finally since this is obviously just an Introduction of what’s to come over the next few weeks, I’d like to offer you the privilege of deciding which story you’d like to hear/read first…

options are:

1- Ali’s first love

2- She changed Ali’s life 

3- Bad luck Ali

4- Rebound-er Ali 

5- Cheater Ali 

6- Stupid in love Ali 

teaser: There is always a girl, always…

So go ahead, chose a title, comment here or reply to me on twitter, one week from now I’ll post the winner story…

Lots of Love,



About janbein

Gamer research Biologist who loves art, space and sports.

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  1. Sounds interesting… I think you should start chronologically

  2. I love what you did here.. I vote 1, first love.

  3. Bad luck Ali FTW

  4. She changed Ali’s life 😀

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