Sequences of Extreme Sports Motion Merged Into One Image

Photo by Ray Demski (Vicky Arvaniti)
Extreme, risky sports are fun to watch but they generally involve accelerated, quick movements that speed right past the cheering crowds. Sometimes we don’t catch all of the cool moves, the power plays, or the incredible surfing flips that happen in a blink of an eye. Red Bull decided to partner with various photographers in order to capture a frame-by-frame sequence of energetic athletes at their best. The results are a visual display of motion as the athletes jump, flip, dive, spin, and take all kinds of risks right before our eyes.

The images include an intense volleyball serve by Vicky Arvaniti, Levi Sherwood’s freestyle motocross tricks, the simple, gliding descent through the air of championship cliff diver Orlando Duque, Robbie Maddison jumping, by motorcycle, 322 feet across a large canyon, and more. To create these spectacular displays, the photographers used a tripod, a long exposure, and some digital manipulation. Without having to move the camera, a ton of motion was captured across multiple frames and then merged together into one unique scene. Seeing every step of the process stitched together creates a lively and captivating final product. Viewers can almost hear the roar of a motorcycle zooming past, the rush of the ocean waves, or the crunch of skis across fresh snow.

For more extreme sports photography, check out this work by photographer Marcel Lammerhirt, winner of the Red Bull’s 2010 sports and adventure photography contest.

Photo by Brian Bielmann (Jordy Smith)

Photo by Predrag Vuckovic (Robbie Maddison)

Photo by Wojtek Antonow (Tanner Hall)

Photo by Agustin Munoz (Travis Pastrana)

Photo by Alfredo Martinez (Felix Baumgartner)

Photo by Agustin Munoz (Orlando Duque)

Photo by Rutger Pauw (Clemens Doppler)

Photo by Alex Schelbert (Levi Sherwood)

Photo by Garth Milan (Red Bull Art of Motion)

Photo by Justin Kosman (Chris Doyle)

Photo by Christian Pondella (Corey Bohan)

Photo by Agustin Munoz (Petr Kraus)

Photo by Predrag Vuckovic (Paul Bonhomme)

Red Bull website
via [FStoppers]


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