Yom Kippur War حرب أكتوبر

The October war, the Ramadan war or the Yom Kippur was the 1973 Arab–Israeli War  fought from October 6 to 25, 1973, between Israel and a coalition of Arab states led by Egypt and Syria.

The war began when the coalition launched a joint surprise attack on Israel on Yom Kippur, the holiest day in Judaism, which happened to occur that year during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Little do I care about the details of events that led to or/and followed the war, little does it matter to me who of the 2 sides won that war. However, as an Arab, I grew up to stories that told me that Arabs won that war..

Chatting to an old man about the war, he laughed and told me that it was the worst war in history… Arabs never won anything. Everything they reclaimed in the early days of the war was taken back by Israelis except this time they forced the Egyptians to keep their army away from the borders.

Anyway since today is the 6th of October, switching between tv channels, I found the Egyptian Koursi (chair) delivering a speech in this occasion. I don’t think I can express how pathetic the whole thing was especially after using terms like “victory” , “Arabs” , “Israeli defeat” , “revolution” etc…

Later I decided to Google the 6th of October 1973… I was curious to know more about the whole thing. My Google homepage set as .com.lb I got Arabic results which I didn’t mind so I opened the link..

this link:  October 6 war arabic

Reading the small introduction which taught me almost nothing new, I decided to directly check the death toll, casualties and losses in both sides and this is what I got.

Arabs lost 8,528 people < Israel lost 10,000 people

Arabs had 19,549 wounded < Israel had 20,000 wounded

Arabs lost 500 tanks each < Israel lost 1000 tanks

Arabs lost 120 jets each < Israel lost 372 jets


which makes one believe that someway, somehow Arabs may have prevailed in this war…. Or so you would think.

Thank God for Wikipedia and after reading a couple more paragraphs in that article I thought I should check the English version.

Logically the death toll at least should be similar… so I opened the link..

this link: October 6 war english

Reading the small introduction i learnt that Arabs attacked on the holiest day in the Jewish calendar and called it using the element of surprize. While the Arab version did not talk about this point, the English version stresses on this matter.  Anway, again I jump straight to the casualties table and this is what I got.

Arabs lost 18,500 people (+10,000) > Israel lost 2,800 people (-7,200)

Arabs had 35,000 wounded (+15,500) > Israel had 20,000 wounded (-11,200)

Arabs lost 2,300 tanks each (+1,800) > Israel lost 400 tanks (-600)

Arabs lost 514 jets each (+400)  > Israel lost 102  jets (-270)

so in conclusion ARAB LOSSES >>>>  ISRAELI LOSSES

On the other hand let us see the results as described by both versions of stories.

in case you don’t understand Arabic, the pic above describes banning Arab oil from Western countries and the crossing of the Suez canal as accomplishments and results of the war, failing to mention that soon after the war ended, Arab oil returned to maximum flow to the West and that the Egyptian Army crossed back the canal. It also mentions that a cease fire treaty was signed on the Syrian front.

If you want my opinion??


Of course the English version explains exactly what “really happened”.

Very funny.. eh?!  They both have their “facts” and “stats” referenced… okay maybe the English version was better referenced with over 329 references compared to the very shy 7 references of the Arabic version. But hey Israelis lie they control the media, the internet and everything else..

They’re evil, I honestly believe the Arabic story but the funny thing is whether you chose to believe the English or the Arabic story one thing remains for a fact. I’ll put them into points to make it clearer.

1- Israel was occupying Arab territories from back in 1967

2- Arabs made a surprise offensive and retrieved some of their land – in Sina (Egypt) and in Golan (Syria) – 

3- Israel regained everything back

So basically, the whole “victory” or accomplishment lasted only for a couple of days, yet still, silly as we are, we gather to celebrate this shameful war convincing ourselves that we won that war.

(ironically enough Arabs celebrate this day on the 6th which is the day the war started instead of the 25th of October which is when the war was over, I mean, this must tell us something..)

  • Egypt went on to sign a shameful peace treaty with Israel, in which they agreed to not station their Army on Israeli borders unless given permission by the Israeli Army. (yes lol)
  • Syria went on to never fire a single bullet at Israel and for that the International community delivered them Lebanon as a trophy for 30 years to follow.

That is the October 6th War… This is the Arabs’ greatest accomplishment… (not all Arabs,  dowal l i3tidal l 3arabi Arabs**)

I will leave judgement to you with hopes that one day everything will change.

Thank You



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