Cloud seeding (all about)

For those of us that are unaware, artificial rain is a reality. It’s called Cloud seeding. Research has been carried out on this technology for a number of decades with a variety of results. For example in the United States Cloud Seeding has been successful in creating rain, however in China there are incidents in which its application created hailstorms rather than the obvious desired effect. Here is an exact definition from so that you can have a better understanding:

“Cloud seeding is the process of spreading either dry ice, or more commonly, silver iodide aerosols, into the upper part of clouds to try to stimulate the precipitation process and form rain. Since most rainfall starts through the growth of ice crystals from super-cooled cloud droplets (droplets colder than the freezing point, 32 deg. F or 0 deg. C) in the upper parts of clouds, the silver iodide particles are meant to encourage the growth of new ice particles.” 




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