Copying Is Not Theft

copying is not theft


The Internet has open up doors for people all over the world to share their creations and ideas literally at the speed of light. but with this influx of information and the frequency at which it moves has left previous laws and standards on Intellectual Properties obsolete.

Copying Is Not Theft

With words like theft and piracy being thrown around the media,governments and businesses have been scrambling trying to fight against this new paradigm of light speed information sharing. It’s only logical for them, they don’t want change, they have a system that has been working for them for a hundred years, why would they want that to change?


But the fact is that this is a New Age, and the doctrines of the old world do not work here. Businesses see people sharing their Intellectual properties, whether that be a song, an article, or a picture online and they get scared. To them, we are stealing their digital product that we should have paid for, but what they don’t see are the millions of people who are now seeing what these companies and individuals have to offer and are sharing it with millions of other people.

“Piracy” is the biggest form of Consumerism, people are downloading, sharing and consuming content they would have never found if it weren’t free and available Online. Artists and Creators are getting exposure on a scale never known before the World Wide Web. EMBRACE THIS CHANGE!

Question Copyright  


Here’s A Short 1 Minute Meme on the question of copyright and today’s internet age.

” Copying is not theft.
Stealing a thing leaves one less left,
Copying it makes one thing more;
that’s what copying’s for.

Copying is not theft.
If I copy yours you have it too
One for me and one for you
That’s what copies can do

If I steal your bicycle you have to take the bus,
but if I just copy it there’s one for each of us!

Making more of a thing,
that is what we call “copying”
Sharing ideas with everyone
That’s why copying is FUN! ”



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