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How to use Falcon Pro for twitter on Android devices


I don’t know whether you guys are familiar with this client but it is by far the most complete twitter client for Android.

Once available on the play store, the application was then removed by request from twitter after reaching the maximum allowed authentication requests of 100 000 users, especially that the app which costed 5$ was mainly installed via blackmart and aptoide for free.

That forbid users who already bought the app from the play store and those who were willing to pay for it from getting the app or any further updates it could have. However, Falcon Pro developers made the app available for free on and included a very interesting (and smart) workaround in the last update (v2.4) which allowed users to overcome the maximum allowed tokens error.

Note: Users who already had an access token could easily upgrade to the latest version.


So here’s a step by step guide to install and use the latest version of Falcon Pro for twitter:

1. Make sure you delete any older versions of Falcon Pro if you have them and restart device.

2. download and install the Falcon Pro for twitter app from

3. Once you open the app a login screen will appear.

4. Press the Falcon logo, then press all corners until all squares are on, then turn off the orange one

5. Shake your phone!

explanation: I know this might sound crazy and it is but please carefully follow all steps.

click the logo –> click all 4 corners of the screen (each corner will light up with a different color) –> turn off the orange one (click it again) –> SHAKE YOUR PHONE!! yes shake it shake it!!

6. At this point you’re in, follow ALL the instructions (Press HELP). No I mean it… PRESS THE HELP BUTTON!

7. A detailed picture guide will tell you what to do there.

8. Follow all steps and voila!

9. Tweets!


Please include any questions or problems you might have in the comments.




The past couple days on the twitter had a number of Lebanese initiated hashtags trend worldwide, the latest was #farouj and another was #smabeirut and while the first was @ralphsaade ‘s idea and somehow was one of its kind although most tweets were such as “WTF?! #farouj is trending?” or “why is #farouj trending?!?”

The second #smabeirut (social media awards beirut) grabbed the Lebanese twitter community’s attention because it involved voting… And while many people voted, most Lebanese (including myself) went on the website to see the nominees… And I’m sure the vast majority did the same…

Actually, lol :$  to be honest i voted twice…

Once in the blog of the year category, voted for hummusnation and once for @mishoricha for most creative instagram account and while hummusnation deserves in my opinion the title of that category, misho who is my friend does not in any way deserve to win the most creative instagram account category but i voted for him anyways because I want him to win it and thus allow us to mock the whole thing..  hehe (no offense misho)

I mean most categories included people and organisations who were clearly not deserving and I wonder how the organizers think they can gain credibility this way..

In a future post I’m going to be handing out my own social media awards, stay tuned because my version includes special categories that starts with:
(الأكثر اثارة للمتاعب على تويتر)

and doesn’t end with:

(صاحب أقوى سحسوح على تويتر)
Please use the comment box to suggest any special category you’d like to nominate someone for or simply have it included in the awards.

Ali 😀

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