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How to access any website/forum contents without registration

Ever been to some forum or website where you are required to register ahead of accessing any of the website’s cotent? Yes.. Of course. We’ve all been there and at least for me, whenever a forum asks me to register, I just close it and search somewhere else… Most people would do the same saving the time of registering and and and… etc

In this blog post, I will tell you how to overcome this.. No forum/website will ever require you to register before accessing its contents.

The idea here is to switch your user Agent to the Google bot. Why? because all these websites/forums that usually block unregistered users do not block the Google bot. And therefore we will be able to use them without registering.

For a start, depending on whether you are a Firefox or Chrome user, you will need to install one of these add ons:

Firefox users shall download this ‘user agent’ add on from here

Chrome users shall download this ‘User-Agent Switcher for Chrome’ add on from here

Now in firefox go to Tools > User Agent Switcher > Options and then again to Options.

user agent switcher options


Select User Agent from the left sidebar and click Add. Now in the description field type:

and in user agent field type:

Googlebot/2.1 (+

as shown in the screenshot below.

adding a new user agent

Select Google Bot as your User Script by going to Tools > User Agent Switcher.

selecting google bot as user agent

And there you go… You are set. No more websites/forums will ever ask for you to register.


P.S: The process is similar when using chrome but any questions are welcome in the comments box.


Good luck 🙂


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